Painting maybe the most tedious job however once completed gives the most serious job satisfaction.  I’ve just painted a window in my kitchen.  I used 60 grit sand paper roll, a multi purpose tungsten scraper and medalist window scraper 125mm to prep the window.  All bought from Mitre 10 (love their slogan ‘DIY its in our DNA, so wonderfully true of New Zealanders).  One coat of white standard undercoat.  Then two coats of Resene Enamacryl  (white, Gloss Waterborne Enamel).  The Enamacryl is the most wonderful paint to paint with.  It coats well and evenly with little effort and doesn’t have that awful odour that lingers for days.

Here are some before and after shots of my window.


I spent hours not only painting but also scrubbing the hinges in methylated spirits.  The results were great.  Big thanks to OPI “I’m not Really A Waitress” red nail polish to make my hands look better.


Note that the paint on the glass is on the outside as the outside of the window is currently being prepped.

(Photography / Laura Thomas)

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