Good Times Blanket


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Made from 100% pure wool from the Serra area of Portugal.

The wool is clipped manually from Bordaleira and Churra, two native sheep breeds to the Serra region of Portugal.

Our Good Times Blanket is a work of art from the traditional processes of how they are made.

Burel is handmade process of weaving, carding and spinning wool and then using manual looms to create a fabric for use.  Read more on this and why our Wool Blanket is made with environmental and social impact below ↓♡

Our Good Times Burel Blanket is handmade, respecting nature and the mountain region that gave origin to the wool.  It is created by weavers who believe in traditional processes and zero waste.

Soft, warm and durable this blanket is worth the investment.

Size: 130 x 180 cm.

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