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Made from 100% pure wool from the Serra area of Portugal.

The wool is clipped manually from Bordaleira and Churra, two native sheep breeds to the Serra region of Portugal.

Our Good Times Blanket is a work of art from the traditional processes of how they are made.

Burel is handmade process of weaving, carding and spinning wool and then using manual looms to create a fabric for use.  Read more on this and why our Wool Blanket is made with environmental and social impact below ↓♡

Our Good Times Burel Blanket is handmade, respecting nature and the mountain region that gave origin to the wool.  It is created by weavers who believe in traditional processes and zero waste.

Soft, warm and durable this blanket is worth the investment.

Size: 130 x 180 cm.

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Product Description

Why our Wool Blankets are so Special

In nature nothing is lost, everything is transformed.  We read this recently and the whole team at LTCO during one of our Team Meetings decided this was fitting as the mantra we live by at LTCO.

While sourcing for 100% pure wool blankets it was important to Founder and Creative Director Laura, that they were made in a handmade, artisanal way.  Blankets that respected nature and the animal they came from as well as the landscape that gave origin to the wool.

Our blankets are special as they are made with as least negative ecological impact possible.



“Green” Blankets with Good Environment Impact

The wool used for our blankets comes from sheep breeds; Bordaleira and Churra, native to the Serra Region of Portugal.  Our Suppliers who make our blankets and cushions are also based in this mountainous area.

Our Supplier certifies that the Shepherds supplying the wool to make our products, comply with animal welfare laws for the sheep, and that the clipping is done manually so as not to cause any distress to the animal. Shearing is a necessary act for comfort, while preserving an ancestral tradition in the area.

Our commitment to sustainability begins with the wool and the sheep that give rise to it along side the the local people who make our incredibly soft and luxurious Blankets.

By using Wool to keep us cosy in the cooler months, it reduces our environmental impact. It is a natural and non-polluting product. It’s also recyclable, renewable and durable.

Wool inspired the development of our pure wool blankets and cushions.  By investing in a well made product that will stand the test of time you will not need to replace any time soon because of wear and tear.


Social Impact

It was 2006 when Isabel Costa and João Tomás let themselves be freed by Serra da Estrela.

“Serra da Estrela appeared to us like a mirage in a panorama weakened by the crisis that had left the interior of the country fragile. We intervened. Today we are more than 100 people, we revived a village, a factory and promoted a culture that was thought forgotten by time” Isabel.

Isabel and João regularly hiked in the mountains and after seeing a dilapidated factory, decided to buy it and save it and give life to the local population through it.

Old 19th century machines create the Burel weave are still used today as are some patterns.  Old loom masters teach the younger ones, in order to increase the passage of witness and not let this art of the hands die and never seen again anywhere else in the world.


Zero Factory Waste

Our Suppliers have a zero-waste policy and have done since the start.  They have developed partnerships with artists, designers and associations in order to innovate the use of the off-cuts and leftover wool during the manufacturing process to ensure nothing goes to waste.



Buy Well, Live Minimally

At LTCO we are so passionate about all we use in our lives.

It’s important to buy well and buy to last, to live minimally with only ‘things’ you need.

Never live in excess and only have what you need and use.








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