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Finally we can do face to face candle making workshops at the LTHQ Workshop at Kilduff Farm just outside North Berwick!

Candle Making Workshop: Thursday 25th November 2021 6.30 pm.

The first half of the workshop Laura will talk about the different wax types, the art of scent blending and more.  The second half of the workshop will include blending your own scent from a choice of essential oils.  You will guided on how to make your own container candles, taking two 35 hour burn candles home with you.  See below for more details ↓

The class will last roughly 2 hours.  Shop the LTCO range at the end of the workshop.

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Product Description

Join Laura for a live face to face candle making workshop at the LTHQ premises at Kilduff Farm just outside North Berwick.  Follow Laura’s tutorial on how to make two 100% natural soy wax candles while she walks you through the steps of candle making.

Laura will share insider knowledge, secrets, tips and tricks of the trade that will enable you to create and learn about the art of candle making.  Take away oodles of inspiration, pick her brains and discover all you need to know about all things candles via our online candle making workshops.

Mix your own scent and take away two, 35 hour burn candles.


Description of commonly used waxes and their pros and cons.

Introduction to Soy Wax.

An overview of the different types of wicks and what wick testing involves.

Discussion about the different scent options of fragrance oils, essential oils.

Step by step guide to the process of producing a container candle including measuring correct quantities of wax and scents required.

Scent smelling and then scent blending with essential oil.  Please note Christmas Scents will be on offer.

Create and hand pour your own container candles.

Discussion on how to fix ‘problems’ when making candles.

Our candle making workshop last roughly 2 hours long.  Create two container candles worth £40 and a wealth of knowledge on your new candle making skill.

A must do if you love scented candles and craft!

*** Tickets are non-refundable for all candle making workshops at the LTHQ, North Berwick.


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