Luxury Boat Matches


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Luxury Boat Matches


Our Boat luxury matchbox depicts a summery coastal scene!

Contains 100 matches, each measuring 100mm long.

Dimensions 110 x 110 x 50 mm.

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Product Description

Our Luxury matches are the perfect addition to any candle gift! Each box comes with 100 matches.

The artistic design is representative of the Laura Thomas Co brand and the inspiration we take from our coastal surroundings. If you are buying a candle for a friend, our luxury matches would pair perfectly. Or if you are looking for some accessories to style your coastal holiday home, these would look lovely on the mantelpiece!

Matches are thought to originate from China in 577 AD and have changed considerably over the years! For example, at one point, they were made using white phosphorous which was linked to several health conditions. Nowadays, they are made without using chemicals which are harmful to the health of the user. The striking surface is usually made up of powdered glass as well as a few other materials. Many people collect match boxes with different designs, similar to collecting coins. The most expensive box of matches was auctioned in 2015 and sold for $6000.

When using this product, please ensure that it is kept away from children and always dip the used product in water before disposing in the bin.

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