LTID aim is to inspire others to live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

achieves this through great content and imagery.  Laura’s focuses are
interior trends, reporting on home decor products, house tours, design
news, tips and advice on health and well being.

Quality writing and dreamy, good photography, creates a desire to buy into a lifestyle.  Working with LTID
will bring an audience to your brand that is looking for creative
motivation, further learning and inspiration to propel their lives
towards a more peaceful and hearty style of living.

          June 2015
          “We are so pleased to hear that
Laura Thomas Interior Design has been nominated 

          for ‘Best Luxury Blog’
at the Amara Blog Awards.  Laura always write wonderfully 

          insightful and
on trend articles and we wish her the best of luck!” 

Shillingford, Creative Director,

Sponsored packages are available with relevant imagery or with LTID photography, styled and shot by Laura in either her studio or wherever relevant.

Special product banner adverts (350 x 200 px) run alongside relevant posts.  These banners can be designed in house if needed.

LTID Social media packages.

Laura can also attend and report on your event.

Laura can also be hired for decorating projects acting as a brand ambassador or interior expert for your product or company.

has worked with the following brands; VELUX, Icon Wall Stickers, DULUX,
Dwell, Nyetimber Wines, Kitchen Cooperative, Natoora, Amara, Jenni
Sparks, CEREAL, Beatitude, Spice Pots, Yankee Candles, Annie Sloan,
Wallpapered, Oak Floors Online, Dunnock & Teal, Lujo and New Zealand
Fashion Week.

          July 2015
          “It was a pleasure working with
Laura, the blog drove traffic to our website and 

           provided great content
for those looking for interior lifestyle tips.  Looking forward 

future projects.”

          September 2013
          “Your blog post gave us a high amount of traffic to our website which improved our
           hits for the first day you posted the review!  I am looking forward to working with 
           you again for other projects which will hopefully have the same success.” 
           Icon Wall Stickers

Please get in contact anytime and I will repond within 24 hours

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The Laura Thomas Interior Design blog was created to run along side my online bedding store Laura Thomas Linens.

about textiles, interiors, architecture, DIY, art, fashion, design and
the colour white, I wanted an online platform to journal my ideas and
inspire others.


Editor of this blog, owner and creator of Laura Thomas Linens you can find me posting and commenting on Facebook | Twitter |  Pinterest however
my blog is a place where I love to share beautiful images, write about
DIY projects around my house, share inspiring architecture, white
interiors, kids stuff, decorating tips and crafts.

and recycling furniture, DIY and house renovations are all things I
love to fill my life with.  Follow the blog for tips and tutorials and
learn something new.  My last renovation project was a 1920’s colonial villa which we lived in and renovated for 9 months.

an interior stylist with a love of natural, raw materials, sustainable
architecture and the colour white.  My palette is soft and gentle, my
style modern country and I follow Scandinavian design.

love it if you took the time to comment on any of my posts and I will
have a wee chat back however I do have the right to delete any comments
made that are unauthorised self promotion.

If you’d like to know more about me then you can look up some recent interviews here:

via Annie Kruse’s Stylejuicer & Posh Flooring

you’d like more information about advertising on this blog or would
like a product promoted, please get in touch with me at
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