Goodbye 2015 & Why Pantone Released Two Colours for 2016

Goodbye 2015

It’s the morning of New Years Eve 2015 as I type.  Sitting here in my new office, I wave goodbye to one of the hardest years of my life.  Relieved and optimistic for the onset of another year, a fresh start, the first day of the rest of my life, I’m pumped and ready for action.
Divorce can make or break a person and I’m very determined that I’m the former.  Sometimes when something isn’t right you have to tap into your inner emotional intelligence and find the strength to simply stop and turn another corner.
While I work I tend to listen to a lot of self development inspiration which helps me to focus, stay positive and look up not down.  One of the themes that all the big boy guru’s talk about is planning.  Where are you, your business, your life going?  What’s your plan?  It has been suggested by many to write a list of goals down each day before you start your day.  So this time last year I started to do just that.  Within a reporters notepad, scribbled between the lines, are my own goals.  Each morning, around 5 times a week, without referring to the previous page, I write 10 goals again and again.  They may vary but the generally theme is the same.
Our minds are very powerful and generally we don’t use them deep enough to master how we want to live our daily lives.  By writing goals down each day, we are subconsciously moving towards our own happiness.  Progress creates happiness.  When we achieve something, however big or small that is, our brains release endorphins, our own natural ‘happy drug’.  Certainty builds on certainty, as does positivity build upon positivity and having a list of goals allows your inner belief to progress.
So this morning, looking at my reporters notepad at the lists of goals I have written throughout 2015, I can honestly say I have achieved what I have written down, despite the dark times.  Incredible, motivating and with a smile on my face, I’m really astounded. 
So moving forth in 2016, think about your dreams and desires and write them down as regularly as you can.  The little effort in writing, can have a positive effect. 

Why Pantone Released Two Colours for 2016

Interiors, Fashion and Design will be awash with not one dominant colour but two in 2016.  ‘Rose Quartz’ a soft pastel pink and ‘Serenity’ a baby blue.

Pantone, owned by Washington, D.C. based Danaher Corp. has a system that helps manufacturers define colour precisely.  Every year the company polls which colours Fashion designers, retailers and manufacturers are gravitating towards.  They put a lot of research from around the world, into which colours we will see each year.  So their annual announcement isn’t just a fleeting choice.  Rather it’s a deep and conscious decision to make the world move towards a harmonious place through colour.

This is apparent in their official press release, Pantone said;

“As consumers seek mindfulness and well being as an antidote to
modern-day stresses, welcoming colours that psychologically fulfil our
yearning for reassurance and security are becoming more prominent”. 

Therefore the light pink conveys compassion and reminds us to reflect on our surrounds in the pink light of the Spring and Summer months and blue ‘Serenity’ comforts with a calming effect during turbulent times.

In 2016 expect to see Laura Thomas Linens using a few colours of the above fashion colour report.  Colour!  Yes, to integrate with the all white ethos, LTL will reveal some gentle colour.  With new items arriving soon for the Spring Summer 2016 collection, pops of Rose Quartz, Peach Echo, Lilac Grey, Buttercup Yellow and Mint Green will appear.  Watch this space…

Happy New Year and I wish all LTID readers great joy and happiness in 2016!  Laura x

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