COP26: What Can We Do?

Over the past couple of weeks, leaders from all over the world have been meeting in Glasgow for discussions at COP26. The Glasgow Climate Summit has been reported on by media as leaders engage in discussions about how to fix the climate crisis. At LTCO., we’ve been wondering about what we can do at home. Small actions make big changes after all! Inspired by COP26, we asked our LT subscribers what their sustainability hacks were!

Jane, North Berwick

My tip is to get the kids involved with it. My wee one constantly walks around the house turning off lights telling her Dad and myself off – leaving lights on isn’t good for the environment! We also use alternative food coverings like wax wraps and have moved to brown paper bags over plastic sandwich bags.

Rachel, St. Andrews 

We’ve tried to cut down on meat in our house. It started with Meat-Free Mondays and has become so popular that we only eat meat at the weekend or when we’re out for a treat! When we buy meat, we support local butchers and farmers – it’s tastier and you know that you’re supporting a farm close to home.

Shaun, Northumberland

We buy second hand where we can. Kids toys, tables and chairs are all things we’ve picked up. I websites like Gumtree and Marketplace are great for saving things from landfill. You could even start an up-cycling project!

Tilly, Edinburgh

I’m working on creating a capsule wardrobe to stop needlessly buying clothes. The fashion industry is one of the main contributors to climate change and I know I can cut down on what I buy!

So there we go! Do you have any other ideas or tips for what we can do at home? Ours is to refill and reuse your toiletries and homewares!

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