Production is Power!

The LT Girl Gang has grown

Our team grew this month. Now we are 3! Thank you to everyone who applied for the Production Manager’s role. It was a super hard decision but unfortunately we had to pick one.


This is Camilla. Now heading up all things production at LT.  She is a lover of art, chickens, a fellow Reno junkie and beagle lover. We are SO happy to have her join our team here at LT HQ.

LT Luxe Range

Our decision to hire a new LT recruit was due to the ever growing demand for our products (not that we are complaining – thank you to all our LT fans out there!) We also needed an extra pair of hands for the soon to be launched new LT Luxe range.

We can’t wait to reveal the range to you, we promise you will be the first to hear so please watch this space!

Reasons you should grow your team like LT?

Having the right team is the key to success. Why is growing your team beneficial for business?

  1. Avoid having to tell customers no – Telling a customer “no” can lead to them jumping ship and seeking out the help of your competitor!
  2. Increase your level of productivity – The higher your company’s productivity level is, the more money you will ultimately be able to make.
  3. Offer your customers a higher level of service – Increasing the number of employees you have will, in turn, increase the level of service you offer.
  4. The ability to grow and expand your business without reservations – With a larger pool of talent working for you, growing and expanding without reservations will be easy.

We are so excited for what lies ahead for LT and we hope you continue to follow our journey!

Laura, Kate + Camilla x


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