Productivity: How to Get Organised.

The idea of productivity is to produce.  What is the best way to schedule your day?  To get results and move your business forward takes relentless time and energy.  Anyone who has started a business, activity or project from nil to thrill will know this.

Over the summer I have been reading around the subject of time management and how to manage my working day better.  Working around my children has meant that I do tend to work into the night after they have gone to bed.  So how could I manage my time better?

I’d love to share this tutorial by motivational speaker and life coach, Brendon Burchard.  I have watched this repetitively recently to prepare myself for a very busy period coming up.  A worth while half an hour out to watch and take note.


So this Monday morning after a good healthy breakfast and a large drink of water, I went for beautiful walk with my camera to relaxedly move my mind into the thought process of productivity and how I would achieve this.  What a great start to what’s going to be a very busy week.

Changing seasons.

(Photography / Laura Thomas)

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