Trelise Cooper: COOP New Zealand Fashion Week 2013

What an amazing experience I’m having here at Fashion Week.  Literally any style goes.  Pink hair, tartan trousers, kimono’s, red lips, tiny-step-at-a-time wedges, patterned tops and shorts (that could be used for pj’s) floral head gear and the best idea I saw all day were sunglasses that replicate a hair band when on top of the head, with pretty diamantes over the top rim.

The Trelise Cooper show has been a highlight.  One of New Zealand’s biggest designers, I was very much looking forward to this show.  I had received an official invite and on entry was delighted to be shown to my seat.  Not every show has a goodie bag on every single seat but this one was catering to all, not just the VIP front row goers.

The clothes were bright and very colourful with lots of red and oranges coming through.  As bright and furious as the clothes as were the models too, moving very quickly up and down the catwalk making it hard to photography them.  The textiles were soft and flowy which seems to be a theme I’m gathering from the other shows too.

(left to right) Fashion bloggers Nikki Gapes and Maddy Budd with Laura.

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