Lip Butter Trio, Lip Balm


Set of 3 lip butters by Lucky Cloud Skincare.

Made with Coconut Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Thistle Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Cocoa Butter and Soya Wax.

Within one of these sweet little white boxes you will recieve one Coconut, Vanilla and Cocoa pot.

The perfect gift for yourself or others.


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Lips are made for kissing!  Care for Lips daily with lip balm.  Our Lucky Cloud Lip Trio is made with 100% natural ingredients. They are Vegan friendly and are 100% chemical free.

Made in Scotland with ingredients sourced in the UK, our Lucky Cloud lip balms are the perfect additions to your beauty kit to keep your smile beautiful in hot and cold weather.


Benefits of Using Lip Balm

1- Protects from Damage

The skin on lips is much thinner than facial skin.  It can be damaged by the elements, sun, wind, rain.  Lip balm will be protect your lips from damage which will cause cracking and blistering.

2- Avoid Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are caused by licking a thin layer of skin off your lips.  Wind and cold conditions dry out lips.  When lips are dry we have a natural tendency to lick and soften them which takes a layer of skin away.  By using Lip Balm you will avoid chapped lips which can be sore and irritable.

3- Maintain a Youthful Look

Keeping your lips moisturised is the best way to keep those Lips plump for that perfect movie star pout.  Some Lips glosses claim to do this however the best way to achieve healthy looking full lips is to moisturise daily.

4- Other uses for Lip Balm

Did you know lip balms can have some very handy uses and are not just for your lips.  Put them on the cubicles of your nails, slick down your eyebrows or even apply to the back of your heels to reduce friction and avoid blisters.




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