Guardswell Farm x LT Winter Candle


Our Guardswell Farm x Laura Thomas Co Winter candle collaboration is a combination of the uplifting and invigorating scents from Winter and our natural Scottish landscape.

Made with natural pressed essential oils of Cedarwood, Pine, and steam distilled Rosemary.

Cedarwood smells woody and is reminiscent of walking through a forest after a rainy spell where the sun is shining through the trees to gently warm the earth and has created a warming woody, damp, natural uplifting scent.  The Pine combined with the Cedarwood creates a freshness to the wood scent that is sharp and relaxing.  The Rosemary, which is an incredibly enlivening scent that creates memories of wild gardens, outdoor freshness, and home-cooked suppers.

100% soy wax, essential oils of Cedarwood, Pine, Rosemary, and a textile grade cotton wick.

Each candle comes with a bag of Rosemary seeds to plant in your garden on in a planter.

For more on our story behind our collaboration read more below ★☮︎☯︎↓

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