LTL Stripe Cotton Tea Towel – set of 2.


Summer Sale 14th – 28th June

Set of 2 Tea Towels.

100% cotton.  Highly absorbant.  Quick drying.

Choose from either black with white stripes, red with white stripes or mix and match.

Perfect as a Tea Towel in the Kitchen or Hand Towel in the bathroom.

60 x 90 cm

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100% cotton Tea Towel, set of 2, are highly absorbant and quick drying.

Cotton is called the fabric of life.  This highly versatile fabric has also made its way to the kitchen via the cotton tea towel. If you’re still using a different fabric for your tea towel, think again.

So what’s so good about using 100% cotton tea towels than using a linen / cotton blend?

They’re durable;

Kitchens tend to be the messiest area of the house.

It is usually a room full of activity which is why you need cotton tea towels because they are highly durable.

Unlike other products, cotton has high tensile strength which makes the less vulnerable to tears and rips. Ideal for drying dishes and also cleaning appliances, furniture and for mopping up liquids.


They’re absorbent;

Speaking of mopping up liquids, cotton tea towels are highly absorbent.

Cotton fibers can absorb 1/5 of its weight in water before feeling damp. This means less wringing when you’re trying to absorb water or drying dishes, making it an efficient kitchen tool.


They’re soft;

Buying a tea towel that has a blend of fibers in it can cause non absorbancy until they have been washed a good number of times.  A 100% cotton tea towel will be absorbant on it’s first use.

Tea Towel

Black & Red with white stripe – mix and match, Black with white stripe, Red with white stripe


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