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Our cotton duvet sets are unbeatable in terms of quality and price.  The attention to detail in our embroidery bedding shows a level of skill and craftmanship.  Laura works very closely with an all female commune in Hanoi, Vietnam to produce all her embroidered bedding.The cotton used is Vietnamese and is known in the industry to be the Rolls Royce of cotton varieties for it’s long staples and lasting durability.

What are the benefits of sleeping on pure cotton duvet sets?

1- Being a natural material, cotton is naturally hyper-allergenic. This means that it is not associated with causing any allergies.
2- Cotton is naturally breathable material helping it transfer away any unwanted heat from your body by drawing moiture away from the body, helping us to sleep better by not waking while our bodies heat up or down.  Cotton sheets feel cool to the touch on warm days yet will provide you warmth on chilly days.
3- Cotton bedding’s lifespan is twice that of other bedding fibres.  So it is worth the investment in buying 100% cotton duvet sets.

What is so great about our Cotton Duvet Sets?

Put simply they are made with quality cotton that will last an age and can be labelled fair trade all the way!