Saturday: What Makes us Different + SALE Continues ♡

Saturday Edit 14th January 2022

Happy Saturday Morning!


Gosh it’s already half way through January.  That means two good things; 1 the light is returning and 2 it’s still candle season!  If you love candles why not subscribe to our Monthly Candle Club and let us send you a new one each month (see more info below).

As always we’ve had another busy week at LTCO.  Elizabeth who joined us in November and I have been having a good few client meetings to organise the year ahead, generate new business and connect with our hotel clients directly and learn from them.  We found ourselves in Dishoom for brekkie this week – wow it is good and I can’t recommend their breakfasts (as well as lunch and dinner) enough!

I was asked this week why buy from LTCO?

The simple answer is that we are different.  

Our focus is on the well-being of the user of our products as well as a deep consciousness of the environment during and after use of our products.

This is not some marketing ploy we have jumped on because ‘sustainable’ is trendy these days.  Right from the very beginning of time, LTCO has focussed on supplying natural products that do not compromise luxury nor our planet.

Packaging is also a bit of an issue of me.   I know, at the end of the day,  our packaging is wasteful however to counteract this fact, 80% of our packaging is made from used coffee cups?  Yip, that’s right it take 5 used cups to make one box!  All our boxes are also 100% recyclable and use an eco solvent ink print.

I’m only getting started on my journey and my core values remain the same as they did when I started out: to create a purpose led business that would make a positive impact on peoples lives and on our planet.

As always have super weekend, sending you happy vibes!

Love Laura XOXO



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Our weekly Saturday Scroll will now be published on our blog each Saturday for you to refer back to.  We have the most amazing response to this weekly news and a few people have said they would like to refer back to it.

Offer and deals exclusive to the newsletter will not be published to the public though.  That’s only for you and will be found here.




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Next Candle Club Candle shipping 28th January

The scent has been created to reflect the shortest month of the year that feels long!  The blends aids relaxation with woody, smokey notes from Vetiver, an oil that grounds and assist with mental alertness.  Combined also with citrus notes of Bergamot, Lemon and Petitgrain this candle will have you smiling and relaxing every time it is lit.

Cut off for this month’s candle is the 25th Jan.  Cost is £25 per month and includes shipping.





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Our January SALE continues.

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Feature: Hotels We Love: Harlosh



Two architecturally designed self catering holiday homes on the west coast of Isle of Skye, Scotland, offering beautiful contemporary holiday hideaways.

Harlosh offers ultimate peace and relaxation and a place to base yourself while explore the incredible Isle of Skye.

You’ll also find our toiletries range within the homes too ♡









Easy Dinners: Aubergine + Sausage with Roasted Tomatoes



I cooked this last week and it was so good.

We are slowly moving to eat less meat (it’s reducing all the time) however the kids like to eat meat dishes.  We bought sausages from our local farm shop Gosford Bothy (meat reared locally).

Slice Aubergines lengthways around 2 – 3 cm thick (or what you’d prefer).  Shallow fry them in good olive oil with some chopped garlic on a high heat to brown 2-3 minutes.  They don’t need to be cooked through just browned.

Then wrap around an uncooked sausage and secure with a cocktail stick.

Place on an oven tray and add chopped tomatoes (cherry or normal), drizzle with more olive oil, add some salt and pepper and roast for around 20 minutes (depending on your oven).

Eat with a winter salad.

Serve with tzatziki.

For a vegetarian option use a vegetarian sausage and a great vegan option would be to wrap the aubergine in pre cooked quinoa.

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