LT Co. Bedding Factory Tour

Here’s a little story about where your LT Co. bedding comes from..

One supplier we work with in Portugal is a 100 year old family business 50kms north of Porto near the Spanish border.

On a visit, Laura got a tour around the factory before discussing bedding for LT.

Here’s the tour..


The cotton is bought in bulk and is then spun into yarns (threads). A lot of the cotton in this factory is the Egyptian varsity bought directly from Egypt.

Did you know?

  • That before weaving, the cotton is dyed in stainless steel vats?
  • That although cotton can be grown organically the process of spinning and weaving is always done with treatments and so ‘organic bedding’ is a marketing phrase and doesn’t necessarily mean it is 100% chemical free!

The dyed cotton is then fed into a loom and woven into sheets.

The factory is massive!!

Finally the packing room is filled with lovely smiley ladies who fold and pack each item for shipment.

That is our supplier story. Check out our LT Bedding here

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