Swedish Style at Surbrunnsgatan 8C

Thinking Stockholm

Laura is visiting Sweden next week to go to a the Stockholm furniture fair so the talk in the office is all about the city and amazing Swedish style. We had to share this beautiful apartment that we fell in love with, full of gorgeous textures, furniture and art, in an elegant nordic palette.

The Surbrunnsgatan Apartment

A bright open-plan Swedish style design really works beautifully here, the crisp northern light floods the room and works perfectly with the pared-down colour scheme. We noted the accents of rich coral tones in the cushions. Coral is Pantone’s ‘colour of the year’ so a nod to contemporary style. Using a long shelf to present the artwork gives structure to the room, and is a great styling tip if you are daunted by free-hanging on a wall! Textures are also really important here, we love the sheepskin rug contrasting with the marble coffee table and wooden floors.

Dining Room

The LT team loved the natural elements here, the houseplants give great formal structure and a fresh pop of green to the scheme. We all love a vase of flowers on a table, such a simple luxury! The sheepskin throw over the back of the chair softens the dining area, inviting you to sit and relax. The big windows allow the light to roll in and reflect around the room. The muted grey walls give a sense of calm and draw attention to the carefully chosen pieces of furniture and art.


We liked how the kitchen was a clean, simple space. The colour is introduced through natural elements again and texture is used perfectly. Using a dark table gives a balance to the light kitchen cabinets.

Shelving is used to display hand-made ceramic and glassware.


We are obsessed with linen and textiles at LT and this bedroom is absolutely dreamy. The way the linen and blankets have been layered up create a sense of comfort and invitation. Being generous with pillows is something we love to do. Making the bed a welcome place makes it so much more than a somewhere to sleep; it becomes a place to relax, read, talk and enjoy. A personal haven!




We like the interesting mix of fabric textures; the geometric blanket folded on the table and the teardrop-pattern eiderdown on the bed. The monochrome palette hold the design together. The feathers beside the bed, another natural element, bring another texture into play.

Simple Storage

Everywhere in this Stockholm apartment is beautifully considered, even the wardrobe area. Making storage spaces simple and clear helps draw attention to the clean lines of the room.



Have a super weekend folks, we will put more on the blog next week about Laura’s trip!

Love Camilla x


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