House Tour: Loft conversion in New York

My First House Tour

I don’t know about you but I am totally obsessed with property. I have been know to waste hours scrolling through beautiful homes I can’t afford.

Having recently bought a house (yes, I’m still scrolling!), I am currently looking for inspiration to add some style to what I can only describe as a pretty conventional new build property.

But where do you start with a blank canvas?

The Big Apple

My sister-in-law is currently living in New York, and spamming my insta feed daily with amazing architecture and more importantly style (I mean everywhere!).

There are a lot of her drinking cocktails on rooftops too, not that I’m jealous AT ALL.

On my hunt to add some style to our new house I came across this uber cool New York loft conversion. Originally built in 1912, it was actually a cardboard factory which then became a secondary school.

More recently, it was rebuilt into a residential building but has managed to keep many of it’s original features. One thing our house is lacking!


I love the exposed brick walls and the concept of bringing the outside in. Isn’t Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs always banging on about that? Something I am very tempted to create with the use of bi-fold doors out into our garden.

This relatively small apartment, is right in the heart of the city but amazingly still manages to retain light. This is as a result of using large windows and an industrial glass wall to create a division between the bedroom and living area.

I am a lover of art and fashion, so I like how the current owner has plastered the walls with art and erected an exposed rail to hang clothes. As a sort of showpiece.

Have a scroll through the images and see what you think!

Love Kate x


Source: Alvhem

Photographer: Fredrik J Karlsson/SE360
Styling: Evalotta sundling & Elin Kickén,



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