House Tour: Swedish Rural House

Happy Weekend to You!

I’m up super early this morning as LT Co is involved in East Lothian’s first Wellness Festival called Detox Health Beauty Day at Archerfield Walled Garden.  It a day of yoga, talks, fitness and well-being and I just can’t wait!  As well as chatting to people about the LT range of 100% natural candles and scent diffusers I hope to catch some of the amazing yoga that’s happening and a talk or two as well!  If you’re heading along then come and see Kate and I in the Barn shopping area!


House Tour

Well I just had to put this gorgeous and inspiring house tour on the blog!  A slightly odd looking house to most, to me it’s intriguing and the use of painting the wooded facade black creates a modern feel to a house the easy look rather dull.

There is one thing that truly appealed to me within this house tour.  Can you spot something of a theme thought the property?  Well the theme is the use of creating small ‘living zones’ through the different spaces.


Living Zones

In the kitchen there are 3 ‘living zones’.  You can sit and relax or eat at the kitchen island, read a book with a cup of tea on a bench seat beside the window or sit at a round table.  Couple this theme with a big arm chair to the right or the dining table and to the eye this space oozes a relaxed and happy vibe.  The same theme occurs in the upper level living room.  There you’ll see another table and chairs for eating, reading, socialising or even working at, as well as two large, comfort sofas to relax on.  All beside a big roaring fire for the colder seasons.

The theme then continues out to the garden.  Can you spot 3 different outdoor ‘living zones’?  There is a large outdoor dining table for al fresco eating, relaxing and socialising, near a bbq.  Then another zone which has beautiful HAY Pallisade outdoor chairs and tables, which I’m guessing is in a sunny spot for sundowners or morning coffees.  Then there is further couple of seats behind the brick wall which again I’m sure will be there to catch the sun at some time of the day.

Continue through the images and you’ll see what would have been a dull and boring garage has been turned into yet another feature with a wine cellar.  The ‘living zone’ here is a table to sit and enjoy a glass of the aged Bordeaux and catch up with your partner away from the house and day to day living spaces.

The owner’s of this house have really thought about it’s design, flow and layout to maximise space.  By creating living zones they can relax, work or socialise in different areas depending on the sun, their mood and the season.  This is definitely something I’m trying to do in my current renovation of the Doctors Surgery here in Gullane.

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