“The Secret” A Danish Summer House Tour.

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Did you wonder if I’d ever blog again?  This is the first post since the beginning of June and possibly the longest I’ve not blogged for in 5 years!

Real life has taken over.  Not only is LT 100% busier than it was this time last year, my newest business the LT Holiday Apartment (LTHA) has been taking up my time too.  Throw two outgoing girls into the mix and it’s fair to say I’ve been juggling a lot of balls in the air recently!

The LTHA has so far had a great response.  If you haven’t seen my latest venture then have a look here.  So far this summer guests have come from Norway, Sweden, Spain, Germany and Scotland of course!  I currently have a lovely family staying this week from the North West of Spain.  It gives me great joy to invite them into my home and have their children bounce on the trampoline and play in the tree hut with my girls.  As advertised the LTHA is a concept apartment where all interiors are for sale right down to the art works.  Guests have gone away with LT bedding in hand having enjoyed sleeping in the collections I currently stock which are used on all beds in the apartment.

If you’d like to holiday at the LTHA in Gullane, East Lothian book via Airbnb here.


“The Secret” Summer House, Denmark

Pernille Clausen, building advisor and interior consultant at Danish firm Lasse Larsen Huse found this cottage hidden by trees and shrubs and totally closed to the outside world. 

Originally painted red, orange and brown this didn’t deter Pernille’s visions to renovate the property into a simplistic Summer House for use by family and friends over the summer months.

What I loved when I found this house tour was that Pernille had an outdoor shower built-in her garden (image 7).  The shower was installed so that Pernille and her guests could rinse off saltwater and sand after being at the beach.  A woman after my own heart as I too installed a shower (a hot water shower) for just this reason.  It’s one of the most pleasurable and relaxing things I do after being at the beach.

Pernille’s favourite spot in the whole house is to sit enjoying company at the long table in the open plan living dining area (image 1 + 8).  The table is a combination of reclaimed oak floor boards and table legs from IKEA, the chairs are from Tolix.

The chair on the far right is from OK Design.

Words by LT  |  Images via Femina


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