House Tour: Acute House, Melbourne

Oh my, oh my… this house tour in Melbourne, Australia is an inspiring example on what can be done on a very small land area.

Originally this property was named a ‘renovators nightmare’ by Melbourne based Architect, Fooi-Ling Khoo of OOF! Architecture.  The plot was just a teeny-weeny 48m²!  What is even more amazing is the shape of the plot was a triangle and restrcited by demanding heritage constraints.

The original building couldn’t be saved due to it’s poor condition.  The weatherboard cladding was carefully removed prior to demolition.  The reclaimed weatherboards were then interwoven with the new blackened metal skin, creating an interesting visual of exterior materials.  This ‘old and new’ ticked the boxes of the project’s heritage requirements.

The results are stunning.  The new three-storied home is a genius use of space.  A space that could be described to resemble a pointy wedge of cheese where two roads meet.  Amazing!

xx Laura xx

(images | Nic Grandeese)


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